How much do you know about the WI? Test your knowledge with our WI quiz!

At our March 2015 meeting we ran a WI-themed quiz as part of our evening’s activities. If you missed the meeting, you can now have a go at it from the comfort of your very own home (or in the park, on the bus, or wherever else you might be reading this :))

The questions are listed below – once you’ve had a go at them – click on the answers page to see how many you got right (no peeking before you’ve finished!)

1. In what year was the WI formed in the UK and what was its primary purpose at that time?

2. Where in the world did the WI movement first begin, in 1897?

3. How many members does the WI have nationally?

4. Who is the current Chair of the NFWI?

5. What is the name of the Oxfordshire adult education college run by the WI?

6. What prestigious London venue will be the location of the 2015 WI Annual Meeting in June this year?

7. What 2003 film is based on the Rylstone WI and their innovative fundraising activities?

8.  In what year were the Northampton Town Roses established?

9. Which hymn, although not officially adopted as the WI anthem, is sung at every AGM and at a lot of group meetings too?

10. How many WIs exist across the UK today?    a) 4600          b)6600            c)8600

11. Which national anti-litter campaign, established in 1955, came about as a result of a WI resolution from the previous year?


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