How did you do?

1. In what year was the WI formed in the UK and what was its primary purpose at that time?

1915, to revive rural communities and help with food production during the war

2. Where in the world did the WI movement first begin, in 1897?

Ontario, Canada

3. How many members does the WI have nationally?


4. Who is the current Chair of the NFWI?

The lovely Janice Langley!


5. What is the name of the Oxfordshire adult education college run by the WI?

Denman College

6. What prestigious London venue will be the location of the 2015 WI Annual Meeting in June this year?

The Royal Albert Hall

7. What 2003 film is based on the Rylstone WI and their innovative fundraising activities?

Calendar Girls

8. In what year were the Northampton Town Roses established?


9. Which hymn, although not officially adopted as the WI anthem, is sung at every AGM and at a lot of group meetings too?


10. How many WIs exist across the UK today? a) 4600           b) 6600            c) 8600

11. Which national anti-litter campaign, established in 1955, came about as a result of a WI resolution from the previous year?

Keep Britain Tidy


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